What is Wizard Kings?

Wizard Kings, published by Columbia Games, is a fantasy war game with armies of elves, dwarves, orcs, undead, and three human armies (feudal, barbarian, amazon). Players customize their armies and fight for control of strategic cities and terrain on geomorphic maps. Wizard Kings 2nd edition is a re-release of the sold-out 1st edition.

The game has simple rules, and is scenario based. It's easy to modify or add rules, changing aspects of the game to adapt it to the needs of a particular scenario. This "game-system" quality has resulted in many interesting variants and new scenarios that feel quite different and give the game a lot of replayabilty.

What is this wiki?

This site is basically a repository of new content for Wizard Kings. Anyone with an account can edit this wiki, and it's very easy to add new scenarios, variants, etc… or correct mistakes in existing ones. Individual pages can have comments, and there's also a forum integrated with the wiki.

So, what does this place offer?

This wiki is hosted at a big wiki site (wikidot) so it's not going away anytime soon. It also has 300MB of space for files of all kinds, so users can upload their own unit pictures, maps, etc… to the site. It's also possible to upload scenarios in pdf form, although we encourage you to upload the text to the wiki page. It's easy to format the text (even use tables or pictures) to perfectly display the information, and that way limited file space is saved (see below).

Each scenario, variant, etc… has its own page with all the info. You can rate those pages and check what other pages people like the most. Tags can also be applied to each page to further classify content. For example, scenarios can be classify by number of players, maps required, etc…

Also, each page can have comments at the end where other users can ask questions or just add opinions about a scenario, variant, etc…

The site is also a useful tool when starting to design content for the game. You can develop your content on its wiki page (and change it as it grows) and see the reaction of other users as they post comments and try it. Just add a "playtesting" tag to the page, and everyone will know about it.

How to Start?

Check out the top menu (Repository) and if you want to add something new, just click on its category and then fill the form with the name of your contribution and click on the button.

To format pages, there are some very simple wiki syntax rules that are easy to learn. Also, when editing pages, most of those formatting rules are available in simple icon form.

If you've got questions, don't hesitate and ask in the forum


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