Adding Content

To easily add content to the site to the correct category, just go to the Repository menu on the top of any page and click on the category you want to add content to. On every category page there's a field you can type the name of a new page and create it.

Then you can fill the template with the information for your addition.

After the page is saved, be sure to add some tags so that it automatically gets listed on the necessary pages ( like the What Can I Play page)

The most common tags are:

wk1 or wk2 (or both) - to distinguish between content for each edition of the game
maps1-4, maps5-8, maps9-12, maps13-16 - To specify what sets of maps a scenario needs
anymaps - For scenarios that can use any maps
custommap - For scenarios that provide a special map.
1-player, 2-players, 3-players, etc… - To specify how many players can play a scenario. Add all that apply.

Feel free to add other tags you feel are useful, and post about it so other will follow too.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License