Booty Raid

By: Frank Novak and Kevin McCarthy


Players: 2
Maps: 3, 5
Rules: Unknown, probably 1.6, possibly works with 2.0


The cities of Khara, Koro and Olom represent the cultural center of the Orc empire. The Orcs consider this area very friendly and cosmopolitan and encourage others to visit, spend money and enjoy themselves. The Orcs do not feel they want to associate the image of a police state with their cultural center. As such, the area is marginally garrisoned with production not geared to supporting a standing army. The Amazons, unfortunately for the Orcs, have envied the treasures and artifacts in these cities for quite some time. They have assembled a large force to attack and raid these cities in an effort to obtain the treasures and artifacts for themselves. The Orcs must hold off the raid long enough to move the treasures and artifacts stored in these cities to a safer location.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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