Chaos and Crowns

By: Christopher Brandon


Players: 2
Maps: 15
Rules: 2.0


Riding south to Niko, fresh from the victory against
barbarian raiders in the north, the Wizard King is met by
another herald. “Sire, the feared invasion from the south
has begun. Two cities are already in enemy hands! You
must ride south with all haste to defend your crown!”
From his horse, the Wizard King’s herald sounds the war
horn and the tired but triumphant army quick marches
south to quell the chaos and defend the crown!

Blocks Steps Blocks Steps
Spear 1 Amazon 4
Spear 1 Amazon 4
Spear 1 Amazon 4
Templar 2 Bowlyn 3
Knight 3 Guardian 3
Wizard 4 Guardian 3
Charmer 2


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