Chaos Wars

By: Grant Dalgliesh


Players: 2-7
Maps: Chosen by the players.
Rules: 2.0


The forces of Chaos are pawns confined to the arena of the Wizard Kings. The sport is battle among the myriad creatures. The Wizard Kings battle to control the greatest army of magical beasts. Magic keeps the beasts loyal in life but, once slain, any Wizard may call upon them to fight. This is they way players gain control of more blocks (the primary victory condition). Only Chaos blocks are used. The player who controls the most Chaos steps after 10 turns wins. not spreading oneself too thin to defend. Remember that retreats are not allowed on the first round of combat; a weak force can sometimes be overwhelmed before it can flee. Players can control blocks of any color (be careful not to lose track of ownership). FORCES 2 Players 3 armies each; one in pool.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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