City of Chaos

By: Christopher Allen


Players: 1-5
Maps: 10 + Chosen by the players
Rules: Unknown, probably 1.6, possibly works with 2.0


On the last day of the fifth moon, after months of bad omens, your priests perform a risky divination. Crying in pain, they tell you… “The dead awake again in Neya! If the walls of Neya don’t fall by the dark of the next moon — the dead shall rise to reap our souls!” The black city on the island of Neya has been in the hands of the Grand Necrom Llv’k for just over 66 years. Built originally by the blocked craftsmanship of elves, dwarves, and human tribes, they city has never been taken by combat, only treachery. Now you, the leader of your people, must find a way to breach Neya’s walls and save your people.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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