Civil War

By: Chris Farrell


Players: 2
Maps: 3, 4
Rules: 1.6


Year 1367: The slave revolts of 1231 had resulted in the establishment of an independent Orcish nation from a number of tribes that had never worked together. In the years after the wars, a newfound nationalistic fervor had sufficed to keep the new nation of recently-oppressed peoples together. However, as time went by, cracks began to show. While Uglik the Strong remains one of the most revered figures in Orcish history for his prowess in battle, he made a crucial mistake in the immediate aftermath of the revolts by not consolidating the power of the Orcish central government rapidly. As individual tribes asserted their own power, it rapidly became impossible to do so, and so once intertribal resentment broke into serious armed conflict the central government did not have the power to keep the federation together.


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