Hell Orcs

By: Mustafa Ünlü


Players: 2-4
Maps: 2, 10, 9
Rules: 1.6


Elves, Orcs and Vikings have been fighting in these lands for years. The struggle has been raging for centuries: on land, in the air, in the forests and mountains and on the shores. The main reason for the fighting was the fabled walled city of Neya, which all races coveted. All the trade went through it, all the best learned sages studied there, the best weapons were Neya-made. Much blood was spilt under and on its formidable walls. Finally, after centuries of bloodletting, all were exhausted, even the orcs were losing their taste for battle. So it was decided that everyone would stop fighting. To make sure that this would be no short-lived ceasefire, Neya would be held by nobody; it would be abandoned and treated as forbidden ground to all, protected by the strongest magicks they could be placed on the place.

That was two decades ago. For twenty years, the peace held: The orc kingdom, the last people to occpuy Neya, splintered into small tribes which constantly raided each other but usually left well enough alone. The elves retreated into their forests, even going as far as abandoning Oldwood. They only kept their strongholds in Argosia in the north. The Vikings mostly settled down and went to pot, a fanatic cult holdout in the submerged city of Neptunius being the sole exception.

Trust an Orc to be the first to use even peace to his advantage. One day a very powerful magician appeared among the Orcs. His name was Shakla (the same as all their mages), he was very evil and very ugly but most orcs had never held any of that against anyone before. In secret he made a hole in the magick wall around Neya so that he could reoccupy it. He then worked for a whole year to build a Dragon Pit there. By doing so, he even went against his own race's rules, since Dragons are no joke; they had been banned from Orcish magic for the last century, after the last mad (all Orcs are mad of course, but this one was even madder) king of the Orcs to hatch a Dragon was turned to crispy toast by the beast a bare hour after it was born. Anyway, Shakla was quite mad indeed: He hatched his dragon, tamed it and then gathered the weakest of the orcs to him. He then came out (so to speak) and proclaimed that all must join his cause. He *was* riding a Dragon, which must have helped his cause greatly, especially when it came to persuading other orcs. What was his cause you may ask? Why, world domination and subjugation of everyone to his iron will, of course!

Meanwhile the other orcs were getting used to be mostly at peace. So even they resisted Shakla when he came riding his dragon. Well, mostly. OK, only some did. Also, at first it appeared to everyone that the evil Orc magician would go away, if they just ignored him. Or maybe he'd just be content with ruling Neya. Of course, things turned out, well, differently…



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