If an Orc dies in a forest, does anyone care?

By: Brian Hubenig and Shane Hubenig


Players: 2
Maps: 1
Rules: 1.6


Greetings Warchief, I fear your name, I respect your clan. Lord Dasgar has received word of your successful infiltration of the Elven lands, and hears your call for reinforcements. Alas, your brethren do not share your zeal, nor heed your call to battle. Their quivering hearts fear our last campaign in the forests of the fair ones. They need a sign to thaw their cold dread and heat their blood for combat. Lord Dasgar believes that sign to be Langara, the great fortress at the joining waters of the Kona and Helyn. Has not this stronghold protected the foul Elves for ten hundred suns and moons? If you can shatter that stone, or cage it like a bird, your brethren will wake from their slumber and the clans will march. If you fail your children will be eaten and your name forgotten. Tarkan Mon Urvak Battlemaster of the Orcs.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games: http://www.columbiagames.com/resources/8500/Wizard-Kings-Scenarios.pdf

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