Obstacles of Fate - Random Monsters

By: Bradley Payne


Players: 2-4
Maps: Chosen by players
Rules: Unknown, probably 1.6, possibly works with 2.0


The time has come when chaos and disorder have invaded the lands. The city- states have splintered and famine has taken over. Most of the lords of the city-states are powerful wizards, who live in luxury off the high taxes. While their people starve and grow sick the wizards live a life of leisure. You and others have decided to challenge the power of these wizards. You know that the fractured city-states must be blocked for the people to survive. But even you few cannot decide who should rule in the end. A test of fate has been decided. Those who want to unite the lands will fight for the honor. The fight will not be to the death, but will result in enough damage that all will know who is supreme. Those which do not want a blocked land will do all in their power to interfere with your efforts.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games: http://www.columbiagames.com/resources/8500/Wizard-Kings-Scenarios.pdf

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