Peril and Plunder

By: Christopher Brandon


Players: 2
Maps: 15
Rules: 2.0


The long ships emptied their fury, fire, and steel on the city of
Ertona. In the midst of the pillage and plunder, riders went
forth to raise the alarm. The Vikings are out to pillage and
destroy the Kingdoms northern cities to weaken it for future
colonization. Stretched thin due to rumors of an invasion
from the south, the knights and Wizard King ride north to
organize forces and expel the raiders before much damage can
be done! Though lightly defended, the Kingdom’s northern
reaches could hold should help arrive in time and levies be
raised fast enough to halt the Vikings advance.

Blocks Steps Blocks Steps
Spearmaid 4 Spear 1
Spearmaid 4 Spear 1
Spearmaid 4 Spear 1
Huscarl 4 Templar 1
Runeka 1 Knight 3
Viking 3 Wizard 4


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