By: Chris Farrell


Players: 2
Maps: 3, 5 (or optionally 9, 7)
Rules: Unknown, probably 1.6, possibly works with 2.0


Year 1619: The Amazon “state”, actually a (very) loose confederation of tribes, had been in existence for some 200 years since the Elves had (for reasons completely opaque to history) taken them under their wing, settled them in a neighboring region, and guaranteed their security against all comers. As time went by, and the Amazon population grew to respectable size, a distance slowly came between the Elves and their Amazon protectorate, and the Elves lost interest in their protection of the Amazons and their rather nebulous right to be. While the Amazons became culturally advanced, with strong sense of solidarity and a strong moral code (at least when dealing amongst themselves), they remained politically basically tribal. Combined with their absolute desire for self-sufficiency and distrust of the entanglements of commerce, this lead to numerous border incidents in which individual Amazon tribes would resort to violence to obtain food or other needs from their neighbors in times of shortage. This was not appreciated by their more civilized Dwarven neighbors. In 1619, a southern Dwarven state put together an expedition to see if they could permanently discourage the Amazons from this behavior.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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