By: Chris Farrell


Players: 2
Maps: 1
Rules: 1.6


Year 1231: The Elven and Dwarven kingdoms had been dominant for thousands of years, but they were by no means the only races on the continent. Year 530 was when Orcs and their sister-races were first recognized, with the Ferkin following shortly therafter. At first, these two races were enslaved by the Elves and the Dwarves. This particular period is a difficult one to explain, as slavery was clearly against the moral standards of both the Elves and the Dwarves; it has been widely assumed that the master races simply didn’t realize that their servants were sentient, or perhaps that Orcs (and their sister-races) and Ferkin came to develop a social consciousness only when brought together under their masters. Regardless, the end result was a widespread slave revolt. While both elder races would fight their erstwhile slaves to some degree, the worst fighting would be with the Dwarves. The Orcs took up arms first, and rapidly fought a bloody and bitter war with the Dwarves, eventually soundly defeating Dwarves and establishing an independent kingdom of their own. The Ferkin had a much harder time of it, being denied a military victory by the relative lack of interest by the Elves in keeping them enslaved once their intentions were known, and lacking a leader of any organizational talent. So while the Orcs would take their place on the world stage as a nation, the Ferkin remained as wandering tribes.


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