Siege Of Neya

By: Andrew Blank and Jon Nicholas


Players: 2
Maps: 10 + Chosen by players
Rules: 1.6


The Elves and Orcs had been at war for a long time. After years of conflict, the Elves were forced to concede the great fortress at Neya to the Orcs along with the villages of Spruce and Pine. That is where the line held, and peace was finally negotiated. Years passed, and the Orcs became complacent with their superior position. They used the control of the channel that Neya afforded them to tax outside ocean trade with the Elves. They assumed their greatness would continue unabated. The Elves had another fate in mind for the Orcs. After rebuilding their forces, and with careful planning, a trap was sprung. A great force of Elves rolled out of the East from the Cherwood Forest catching the Orcs completely by surprise. The lightly defended villages of Spruce, and then Pine quickly fell. After securing these prizes, the Elves swept northward to the gates of Neya. Elven armies from north of the channel swarmed down the roads to complete the surrounding of the great fortress. The plan was almost perfect, but not quite. An Orc runner from Spruce had made it to Neya just barely ahead of the Elven armies. Neya rallied what defenses it had, and secured its gates. An Orc Shakla sent a magical message south to the Orc homeland, requesting relief. The Elves took up position surrounding the fortress, and the Siege of Neya began.


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