Thrognia for Three

By: Richard Miner


Players: 3
Maps: Custom
Rules: 1.6


The lands around Thrognia had long been coveted for their fertility and wars blossomed there every summer. No sooner would the crops be in than some petty wizard would seek to gain dominance and cause another burst of bloodshed. The calendar was even broken into four seasons: Planting, Mayhem, Harvest, and Scheme – a cycle as regular as the rains of Planting. And then the cycle was broken. A foul and brutal wizard by the name of Thrallox came forth one Mayhem. The wizard cast a powerful binding on the hearts of his army which held them past Mayhem, through Harvest, Scheme, and Planting; and through another and another year. While other wizards let slip the bonds and allowed their soldiers to return to the fields, Thrallox would bind his army tighter, and carry the wars through the peaceful seasons. After three years, Thrallox ruled all the lands about Thrognia and had broken all the other wizards to servitude. The peace brought prosperity though much of the wealth went to buying luxuries for Thrallox and his royal court.

Thrallox encouraged old racial fears. Hatred grew deep in hearts of the enthralled, and grew darkest in the hearts of the lesser wizards, for they were bound to Thrallox as drones and clowns and slaves. Fear and revenge became the watchwords. For thirty-seven years, Thrallox’s domain was solid and cruel and unchallenged. For thirty-seven years, wizards grew old and faded and died.

In the thirty-eighth year of Thrallox’s reign, during the season of Harvest, Thrallox was bit by a viper and died a few days later. The newly freed petty wizards agreed to meet at the next Planting and work out a new government of shared power. But between Harvest and Planting comes Scheme. By the time Planting arrived, feelings of mistrust had resurfaced. The wizards all spoke of peace and honor, but each sought to regain the knowledge of Thrallox for their own rule. Soon the old alignments of race had replaced the unity of freedom. The wizards returned to their haunts, and as Planting gave way to Mayhem, their armies began to march again to control the libraries of Thrallox.


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