Total War

By: Pete Smith


Players: 2-7
Maps: Chosen by players
Rules: 1.6


Wizard Kings and their minions, despite their violent and ruthless power struggle, had always held on to a certain code of honour. Their goal was the domination of the world, not it’s destruction, and so as the armies of the Wizard Kings clashed they by and large left the humble peasants and civilians of the land alone. This suited most of the minions in the armies as well, who usually had some sort of honour code regarding unarmed folk or a martial pride that refused to fight a foe that was not worthy.

All this began to change, however, when the Wizard Kings, becoming desperate in the apparent stalemate that they faced in their many-sided wars, began to target the economic structure of their enemies. It is unclear who started this; many blame the Orc and their rapacious desire for plunder and destruction, while others point at the Undead, and their willingness to sacrifice the living to raise an army of the dead. The Barbarians, Ferkin, and Amazons have also been accused of starting this cycle of destruction, though no one knows who really started it.

The result is that the once the common folk left the armies of the Wizard Kings to clash amongst themselves, but now the hordes of the Wizard Kings have targeted the hapless civilians for plunder, destruction, slavery, and death. In this titanic struggle, it seems as civilization itself might be torn apart, and a new dark age will descend upon the world. Only a truly mighty Wizard King has a chance of conquering the land and holding back this dark tide. Now more than ever the world needs a strong leader to end this chaos once and for all.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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