Weather Scenario

By: George Van Voorn


Players: 2
Maps: Custom
Rules: 1.6


For countless years now, the Orcish people have settled peacefully with the neighbouring
tribes, Trolls and Ogres. Most Orcs have turned to the agricultural lifestyle, and the wars
from the Jurak times have been forgotten. The Orcish Lands however have been suffering
from severe droughts, turning there farmlands into desert.

Tensions are already beginning to rise, as tribes polarise into factions and relationships with
the Trolls deteriorate. Orcish farmers, now broke, move to the swamps and turn them into
new farmlands, depriving the Trolls of their natural habitat.

A new wizard however, a cunning Shakla, has gained the trust of the warrior elite formed by
the Ogres and the Black Orcs. Rather than letting his Lands plunge into civil war, he
mobilises more and more tribes under his flag, waiting until his forces have grown enough to
execute his master plan: the invasion of the Northern Lands.

The Northern Lands are home to different peoples. There are the Eldryn Elves, who in
peacetime only have a handful of elite Rangers to defend their lands. There are the Pixies,
flying little creatures. And the Treek, huge but slow creatures who mostly care only for

A few Green wizards however have learned of the plan of the Shakla. As the Shakla mobilises
for war, the Green Wizards try to persuade the Peoples of the North into taking up arms and
unite against the Orcish threat. Will they be able to successfully deflect the coming Orcish


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