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04 Oct 2008 00:49

Just wanted to comment on the different options to keep up with the changes of the site:

  • Recent Changes RSS Feed - This lists all the changes that are made to the wiki, including new page additions and modifications done to existing pages. It's the way to easily be informed of everything happening here
  • Recent Forum Posts RSS Feed - This lists all the posts made to the wiki forums (in all categories). As the forums are independent of the wiki pages, these are not reflected on the feed above.
  • Site News RSS Feed - This lists just the news posted to the Site News page, which usually are about features of the site itself.
  • WK News RSS Feed - This lists the news about the game posted by users of the wiki (through the forums) and which are shown on the WK News page.

Also, each forum thread and comments thread (usually found on content pages) has its own feed too.

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Site Created

28 Sep 2008 18:21

So this site is mostly ready now, and I think it is a useful tool for the WK community. Here we can post new scenarios as they're created, post comments, rate content and classify it with different criteria (like number of players, maps required, etc…).

Although there are already a number of places where gamers can talk about this game (BGG, the Columbia Games forums, Consimworld and the yahoo group), I feel they lack a way to group and display user generated content for the game in an organized way. Forums are great for discussion, but not that great to organize content and search for it later.

Now, I know that there doesn't seem to be much activity related to this game lately on any of the forums, so why create another one? I think this site is genuinely useful and offers something none of the other sites do. A wiki that anyone can add to is perfect to store user generated content for this type of game which is very game-system like. Just look at other game systems such as Icehouse or piecepack.

Last, a word about "ownership". This site DOESN'T belong to me. I'm currently the admin here, but that's just because I created the site. I'll welcome anyone that has genuine interest in the site as admin too (just send me a message). This site is not hosted at my server, and it doesn't depend on me to function properly. So, this site really belongs to its users, and that's how it should be.

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