3g Heroes

By: Jorge Arroyo


Heroes are powerful but expensive one step units. All the heroes supplied with the game (through the H&T expansion) are the same for all the armies. I thought I'd like to see heroes with different stats for all the factions, and I started with cheaper 3g cost heroes.


Here are the stats for some of them:

Block Gold Stats Movement Terrain
Lothiel (Elf)
3 B4 3 Forest
Trokkok (Orc)
3 C5 2 Mountain

Special Rules

I still haven't written scenarios for the new heroes, but some ideas involve using them as mercenary units that start face down in some cities, or drafted at the beginning of the game, etc… Even though each hero belongs to a faction, they could be used by any faction if they are only stuck to a block for each game (by using bluetack for example)

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