Campaing Deck (Hammer of the Scots variant)

By: Scott DiBerardino


Rules: 2.0


A campaign deck based on Hammer of the Scots.
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Rule Changes

1. Deal cards
2. Each player plays a card
3. Each player performs his moves
4. All battles are resolved
5. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until "winter"
6. "Winter": Gain income and rebuild units.

Deal 5 campaign cards to each player.
They each play one card face down. The cards are then revealed and the higher card becomes player 1 (roll for ties). Cards without numbers are event cards and are resolved first. If all players play an event card, all events are resolved then players discard all their cards.

The numbers on the cards indicates the number of groups that a player can activate. All friendly blocks in one hex are a group. You may split a group into two groups before they move, but you must spend two activations to move them both. A block can never move twice.

Once all 5 cards are played, there is a special "winter" turn.
Each city produces double (2x) the "normal" income. Players may use the city income to build blocks or increase their strength in that city.

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