Moons of Tarkune

By: Pete Smith


Rules: any


Most folk believe that of the three moons of Tarkune, only Golieth, the great golden moon, has any influence on the Werecreatures of the land… They are wrong. Tarkune has three moons, each with it’s own strange influences over the world of mortals. Werebeasts are in tune with each of these moons, and the influence of these moons is felt by all the werebeings who roam the face of Tarkune. Often these three forces will contradict or nullify each other, while other times they will augment each other. Careful Wizard Kings can plan their strategy based on astrology, and when able to forecast events in the future the legions of the Werebeasts can be the mightiest force on Tarkune.


This scenario is part of a pdf released by Columbia Games:

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